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Parking restrictions 3 July to 16 July 2023

north carolina scratch off tickets www.cheesedoff.net During Wimbledon fortnight?there will be a number of parking restrictions throughout Wimbledon Village, Wimbledon Park and parts of Wimbledon town centre. These will affect all motorists, including minicabs and private hire vehicles. All restrictions will be robustly enforced.

Restrictions in this area?may change during this period, so please read signs carefully.

On the affected streets some payment terminals will be switched off, and parking bays will be suspended.

Signs displaying the restrictions will be placed over existing signs. Signs will also be placed on the perimeter of the affected area to warn motorists that they are entering a restricted parking area.

Map of parking restrictions 2023

Restriction Streets affected
No parking at any time Revelstoke Road (between Braemar Avenue and Wimbledon Park)
Parking may be suspended 8.30am-8.30pm: please read signs carefully

Light green roads on map:

Zones P1, P2, P2s, VC, VN, VNe, VOn, VOs, W2

No parking 7am-11.30pm every day

Purple road on map:

Somerset Road (between Burghley Road and Church Road)

No parking 8.30am-11.30pm every day


Red roads on map:

Bathgate Road, Cannizaro Road, Church Road, Woodhayes Road, Parkside, Marryat Road, Somerset Road, High Street Wimbledon (Belvedere Grove to Church Road), West Side Common

Permit holders only 8.30am-8.30pm every day


Yellow and blue roads on map:

Alan Road, Alfreton Close, Alverstone Avenue, Arthur Road, Ashen Grove, Atherton Drive, Beltane Drive, Belvedere Avenue, Belvedere Grove, Braemar Avenue, Burghley Road, Calonne Road, Castle Close, Castle Way, Clement Road, Currie Hill Close, Durnsford Avenue, The Green, Haven Close, Heath Mead, High Street Wimbledon (between Marryat Road and Church Road), Home Park Road, Lampton House Close, Leopold Road, Lincoln Avenue, Marryat Place, Melrose Avenue (between Revelstoke Road and Stroud Road), Newstead Way, Normanton Avenue, Parkside Avenue, Parkside Gardens, Peregrine Way, Queensmere Close, Queensmere Road, Rectory Orchard, Revelstoke Road, Seymour Road, South Side Common, St Mary's Road, Stuart Road, Welford Place, Wolseley Avenue

Apply for a temporary?parking permit for 2023

If you live in parking zone P2, or on Welford Place or Rectory Orchard, and you don’t have a resident permit, you can apply for free temporary permits for up to two vehicles. These permits allow you to park in the restricted area.

Apply for a permit

If you have a valid resident, business, resident visitor permit or disabled person's blue badge, you do not require a temporary permit.

The temporary permits remain the property of Merton Council, and cannot be sold. Anyone attempting to sell these permits will face legal action.

In order to enter some parts of the restricted area you will need another type of permit.

Motorcycles in residents' bays 2023

During Wimbledon fortnight motorcycles are not allowed to park in residents' bays in Newstead way and Somerset Road.

Road closures 2023

There will also be a number of temporary experimental road closures during the Wimbledon Championships 2023. Residents and their visitors will need a permit from the AELTC to enter these roads.?For details, see Experimental vehicular access restrictions during Wimbledon Championships.