north carolina scratch off tickets If you see an abandoned vehicle, such as a dumped car, please report it to us.?

Report an abandoned vehicle

We aim to remove all genuinely abandoned vehicles from roads? and pavements?as quickly as possible and to dispose of any unwanted vehicles belonging to residents.?


Our service

We will:

  • inspect all reported abandoned vehicles prior to removal and disposal
  • report all suspected stolen vehicles to the police
  • report all claimed vehicles that are untaxed to the DVLA
  • remove all abandoned vehicles from the public highway and from other open land, where the permission of the property owner has been given at cost to the Property Owner
  • ensure our contractors work safely and efficiently and dispose of all removed vehicles in an authorised manner.

We aim to meet the following standards:

  • inspect abandoned vehicles within two working days of them being reported
  • remove from the highway within 48 hours of inspection, all abandoned vehicles that we consider to be a danger to the public
  • place a 24 hour, 7 or 15 day notice on any vehicle considered to be abandoned, declaring our intention to remove and destroy it
  • answer your letters within 15 working days of receipt.

You can help by:

  • providing us with the registration number, colour, make and model and exact location of any suspected abandoned vehicle
  • telling us of any changes in the condition or location of a suspected abandoned vehicle after you have initially reported it.?