How to put out your rubbish and recycling for collection

north carolina scratch off tickets We will only collect your rubbish and recycling if you:

  • put it out by 6am on your collection day?(unless you have a time-banded collection)
  • put it in the correct containers
  • don't?over-fill your wheelie bins (lids must be closed)
  • put it at the front edge of your property where our crews can see and easily reach it, but not on the road or pavement (as in the image below)
  • make sure your bags are not split (if you have a bag collection service).

Where to put your rubbish and recycling for collection

If you put your rubbish out late it may not be collected, as collection times can change, for example due to roadworks or bad weather.

If you put non-recyclable rubbish next to, or on top of, your wheelie bin it will not be collected.

Time-banded collections (purple and black bags)

If you have a time-banded collection please place your waste on the pavement, immediately against your premises.

You can put out no more than one bag of general rubbish per week, but as many purple bags of recycling as you need.?

Purple and blue bag collections

If you have no space to store your waste outside, we may supply you with purple bags for recycling and blue bags for rubbish.

You can put out no more than two blue bags and two purple bags on your collection day.

Get a new bin, box or recycling bags

Get help putting out your waste

If you are physically unable to put out your recycling and rubbish you may be able to use our "assisted collection" service.

When you apply for this service, we may ask you for proof that you are eligible.

To request our assisted collection service, please telephone us on 020 8274 4902.


Foxes sometimes attempt to open food waste bins. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening.

  • Keep bins in a secure area?until?they are?due to be placed out for collection.
  • Put the handle in the locking position and wedge the handle against a wall or fence.
  • Place a heavy item on top of the food bin.
  • Consider using a humane fox repellent (works on scent) or an ultrasound deterrent around the bin.