north carolina scratch off tickets This page tells you how to claim Council Tax Support (CTS) and Housing Benefit (HB)from London Borough of Merton. If you live outside the London Borough of Merton you must apply for CTS and HB from the borough that you live in (unless you have been placed in temporary accommodation by London Borough of Merton). See Find your council if you are not sure what borough you live in

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Most people will not be eligible to apply for HB and will need to claim Universal Credit (UC)?housing element instead. Some people will still need to apply for HB instead of UC. Anyone who is liable for Council Tax can apply for help to pay this but the way to apply will depend on your circumstances.

Please look at the list of circumstances below and click the one that applies to you. If you are not sure them scroll through them and a brief explanation will help you decide if you need to fill in a Merton claim?form.

Apply for Universal Credit

Help with your Council Tax

When you claim Universal Credit (UC) you will be asked if you also want to claim help with your Council Tax. If you are liable to pay Council Tax, you should confirm you do want to claim this help. UC will then send us the claim details and your claim will start from the same day you get UC.

Help with your rent

If you need help to pay your rent, you must claim Universal Credit housing cost element for help with your housing costs, unless you live in?specified exempt accommodation (including temporary accommodation provided by London Borough of Merton). You are only?eligible to claim HB, if you live in this type of accommodation.

If you are not sure if you live in specified exempt accommodation, please ask your landlord to confirm. If you live in this type of accommodation please go to the Other circumstances section below for more guidance on claiming HB.

Apply for a DWP benefit or Pension Credit

Help with your rent

If you are not eligible for Universal Credit and are applying for:

ask to claim Housing Benefits when you apply. The DWP will pass the HB claim to us and you'll only need to answer questions once.

Help with your Council Tax

If you make a claim for HB at the same time as applying for these, we will send you a shortened claim form to claim Council Tax Support when the DWP tell us about your claim for HB. If you are not claiming HB at the same time, you will need to complete a CTS online claim form. See instructions about other circumstances below.

Already applied for Universal Credit, a DWP benefit or Pension Credit

If you declined to claim HB or CTS at the same time as claiming UC, a DWP benefit or Pension Credit and now wish to claim HB or CTS, go to the instructions about other circumstances below.?

NOTE: If you are not sure if you have already claimed HB or CTS in this way please contact Jobcentre Plus?or Pension Credit claims line?to find out.

New claims under other circumstances

If you live in London Borough of Merton and none of the above apply to you, claim Housing Benefit (HB)?and Council Tax Support (CTS)?using our online claim form.


  • you are already getting?DWP benefits or Pension Credit but did not claim HB and CTS when you applied for them;
  • you are not eligible to claim Universal Credit (UC)?or you forgot to claim CTS when you applied for UC;
  • you are working and already getting Pension Credit or not claiming any of the benefits in the list below;
  • if your claim for any of the following benefits has ended or will end soon:

About the online form

  • The online form is quicker and easier to complete and saves time. Generally, on line claims get assessed more quickly as:
  • they are sent to us straightaway rather than waiting for a paper form to be delivered;
  • we will be able to tell you what proof is needed to support your claim rather than waiting for us to call you or write to you and tell you;
  • we will also confirm receipt of the claim if you give us an email address so you are confident that your claim has been made.

If you are unable to use the online form, go to our HB and CTS downloadable form.

You can also use this form to claim Second Adult Reduction.

Contact us

For more details about our opening hours and how to contact us, go to Merton Benefits Service contact page.